Yes….you have no control..BUT he STILL loves you!!!

1 John 3:1 ICB

The Father has loved us so much! He loved us so much that we are called children of God. And we really are his children. But the people in the world do not understand that we are God’s children, because they have not known him.

After losing life inside of me, I’ll question when did the heart stop as if I could go inside resuscitate It and put it back. But I know that’s out of my control and highly impossible.

Although we have many choices and decisions to make, it can make us feel like we do have control because we have a small say. But in reality, we don’t.

The protection you try to provide can only be so much but God holds all control.


Thank you for your forgiveness in the midst of unexpected pain. Thank you for your love, your grace, and unconditional title as “YOUR DAUGHTER” still. Thank you for seeing me still worthy even if I don’t feel worthy or deserve to be. Thank you for the price you paid for me even when I don’t deserve your grace. I am forever grateful and filled with gratitude even though I can never repay you! I owe you everything even when I only have questions and no answers. Thank you for ALWAYS showing up and showing out for “your daughter”!!

See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us HIS children, and that is what we ARE!

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💭S3: EP 7- BONUS Return special on “LIFE”

💭In this episode, Ms. Chrissie returns to finish Season 3 with a special on “Life” for inspiration.

💭In this episode, she addresses the importance of not taking life for granted as it can be easily made, created, birthed, or taken at any given time and moment.

💭She encourages all women to praise the “womb” that they have to create, carry, and birth life from being that we do not give that particular blessing in disguise enough praise.

💭Life comes with many decisions or choices that’s what makes it so special. But having those choices to make the wrong decisions can come with many consequences.

💭She encourages you that just because we have these decisions to make certain choices does not mean we have the control in our hands as it may portray to be.

💭We are NEVER in control in our life, no one else’s life, or even the life you create inside of you without having consequences while trying to take control.

💭GOD will always have plans and control over all things that have LIVE & BREATHE LIFE!

💭💭But when did the heart stop, Lord! It is a question I’ll never know the answer to!

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