When we lack wisdom..

God can save a broken marriage, union of you, or a relationship, if you allow him! ☝

James 1:5 (KJV)

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

“Sometimes we got it together, going the same way, with the same thing”. But on other days we can’t think twice, nor get it right. With no shape or form in between.

My union isn’t all high right now with each other. We can’t get it right. I don’t even think we can see right to survive the next fight.

We constantly play the blame game. That’s the only time we know each other or our own name. Pointing each other out.

I don’t even know why we do, but we do.

In arguments, there are pointed fingers, no one wants to listen, or look in the mirror. Rather than joining hands, or holding each other, we’d be back to back, pulling the covers.

The devil is busy, the fight for this union is getting harder.

God never left. He’s been everything in between.

We just thought we were smarter, instead of depending on our ” KING”.

But I ask for help in this area that may seem tough to us, right now, but is not BIGGER than you- Wisdom!

When we lack, our union lacks.

God, I ask you for wisdom without cutting us slack.

Inspiration: I wrote this 23 January 2017. At a time I was transitioning to answering my calling with my writing. It was one of many of my personal prayers that were a keepsake ( my intimate moment). But moving forward I kept the faith, kept writing, and knew I would receive what I had asked because I believed him to move as promised. But, It became clear later as I read the word for the understanding of asking for wisdom for a union of TWO from only ONE. My union lacked something that took two to pray for, I could not ALONE carry that responsibility and being the only one accountable for TWO. I needed, pleaded, tried, and waited patiently for my other half to help me uplift this prayer for OUR union not just mines. But..the work went undone. As a praying wife, you hold many powerful unions in your palm of prayer, but if your palm is joined by you ONLY, then your prayer for wisdom would just be OF YOU as one! Even when you’ve done all you’ve done.


Father God. I come to you on this grateful evening filled with many unclaimed blessings, as I kneel before you to declare them!

I ask that you restore my union and turn it around so that we may include you 1st as you strengthen us to strengthen each other. We are lacking so much in our union because we have lacked thee and we need your wisdom more than ever right now.

We need your wisdom to keep us strong against temptation and to know the difference between permanent peace and temporary peace.

Help us to always know that permanent peace is eternal peace and eternal peace is EVERLASTING like the love that you lay on both us for the US. Help us to know that the everlasting love in our union comes from your wisdom. With this wisdom, our union shall have everlasting love to withstand ANYTHING this life may brings, in Jesus name, Amen!

It’s funny that 1 received but not THE UNION. Now after putting him first, the union has failed. You can’t be the only FIGHTER for your Union when it’s “TWO”.

☝23 January 2017🙌

But when you lack, ask BEFORE it’s to late. Don’t let the fight be from one MATE!🙏

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