S3: EP 3- “Don’t look back”

•NEW EPISODE ALERT(Short & sweet but to the point) •S3: EP 3- “Don’t look back” (Excerpt) •Have you ever heard the sayings, “don’t look back you’re not going that way anymore, or “Never look back, keep your eyes on the prize”? •Well, guess what, I am here to explain...
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Just wait..☝

Saw that car the other day and thought about following through on trade, instead of waiting to pay off your last two payments. Test drove it, numbers were decent, car body on point, and your customs you wanted.👌 💥BOOM got it, drove it home. Been good so far. Now,...
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“Lord I Will “🤞

Lord I Will always worship you! No matter where I am or whatever is happening at that moment, I will worship you! You truly deserve it all and more🙏 You deserve to be worshipped and praised without feeling guilty from the opinions of others. For you bless me so...
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