Saw that car the other day and thought about following through on trade, instead of waiting to pay off your last two payments.

Test drove it, numbers were decent, car body on point, and your customs you wanted.👌

💥BOOM got it, drove it home. Been good so far.

Now, 2 leaks later, 5 lights on the dash and 1 tapping noise later-you are sitting in the corner crying & praying again for what you been praying for post your last two payments.

Ignored his signs with leaks, and kept driving!

Ignored many of the lights he gave you. Kept driving!

Now that he had to tap on you, to break you down, you realized…….


Oh look, He said to wait😂 Silly you.


God heard you, he saw you!

But did you HEAR him?

At times when being patient can make you think you’re nervous or impatient, just wait.

He’s just testing it for you for preparation to you!

You asked 6 payments ago for this payoff, he HEARD YOU!


Now 2 payments away you give in….?

When all you had to do was be patient and patiently wait!

Next time when anxiousness or overly thinking tries to take over, just think about the feeling from the obedience you’ve endured and the timing you’ve waited for, REWARDS will be well deserved for your patience!

Knowing your obedience is about payoff YOUR payoffs!



Dear God,

I could have lost hope, even faith. I could’ve given up, but the persistence you’ve instilled me is lighting the candles to my faith to declare that victory belongs to Jesus, not me, so I will wait! My God shall claim victory from my patience and my obedience shall be rewarded! In Jesus name, Amen!🙌

Lord I Will always worship you!

No matter where I am or whatever is happening at that moment, I will worship you! You truly deserve it all and more🙏 You deserve to be worshipped and praised without feeling guilty from the opinions of others. For you bless me so boldly in front my enemies and doubters that worshiping you boldly is my own honor in thanking you by showing this kind of gratitude in return! I vow to boldly praise you in neither shame or vain🤞.

Lord I Will always place our relationship above any and all decisions as the same for my spouse!

Lord I Will learn to value more. I will learn to always stay positive and remain calm when thrown any human task for my destruction through any storm!

Lord I Will always be inspired by the love you give me to show and give others! I am not perfect, but because of who you are -I Will always worship you! 🤞🤞

When my pity party is over and when I am finally ready for his help. My God will always whisper to me “YOU KNOW BETTER”! Don’t you know? Have you not grasped the hearing of who I am– The Everlasting God? I am the creator of Heaven and Earth. I am not your child or a child, I am not a young boy–I AM YOUR GOD!

Who do you think you are fooling when you are trying to do it on your own and it crumbles? I know your strengths and know your weakness. I know when you’re sad and I know when you’re breathless. “I AM GOD”. He has my full flesh life in his hands. He created me in his own image and gives me life to keep my blood warm enough for daily survival.

He is “GOD”. He measured my life in the sands from his own hands. Why would I serve anyone else? He is good, and good is in me from him. Who else would I allow to control my life? If it is not my GOD, then whom? I love you because you loved me even when I couldn’t find an ounce of good in me to Love myself.

He loves me relentlessly and I thank him daily for the heart and mind to seek him “when I am faced with the unknowns, I look to my God who is known!





*Special photo credit to: ODB.ORG