NEW RELEASE 🎊NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE- ORDER!!🎊 21-Days of just “YOU” Synopsis: 🖤Have you taken too much time away from doing things for you to help others? When was the last time you’ve had a quiet time with God to hear his voice for encouragement and life instruction? This...
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What they say, what they do…will not worry you

At times when you feel your truth should or needs to be heard, remain SILENT. At times you hear lies about you, and want to strike back with truth, remain SILENT. At times when you know you’ve been GOOD, but they can only remember the one time you said...
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Hashtag black love exist But is it the hurt, past pain, or old slavery That makes our love a hit or miss? We fight, we cry, we pray, we run We even put up “unarmed hands”When the privileged point at & kill us with guns Hashtag black love exist...
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