Tag: Spiritual Growth

“He Changed me When”…..

Job 33:25 “His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s; he shall return to the days of his youth.” In the middle of the night and in the midst of my random troubles, I love when he lays these random topics on me! Nights like these are confirmation to...
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Jesus, You are my Lord!

When my pity party is over and when I am finally ready for his help. My God will always whisper to me “YOU KNOW BETTER”! Don’t you know? Have you not grasped the hearing of who I am– The Everlasting God? I am the creator of Heaven and Earth....
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Why worry, after you pray?

You prayed right? You just let go and let God right? You just put everything in his hands right? You believe in him right? He have brought you through before right? He never forsaken you right? When others turned away, he was still there right? Then why are you...
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