Tag: Silent Prayers

🗣You told me…☝

You told me this day would come. I didn’t listen. You told me “hold on my child it’s more to come”. I could barely see the truth, but I was anxious for other reasons. So I missed my light going through some seasons! You told me it would be...
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“Lord I Will “🤞

Lord I Will always worship you! No matter where I am or whatever is happening at that moment, I will worship you! You truly deserve it all and more🙏 You deserve to be worshipped and praised without feeling guilty from the opinions of others. For you bless me so...
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“He Changed me When”…..

Job 33:25 “His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s; he shall return to the days of his youth.” In the middle of the night and in the midst of my random troubles, I love when he lays these random topics on me! Nights like these are confirmation to...
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