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Hashtag black love exist But is it the hurt, past pain, or old slavery That makes our love a hit or miss? We fight, we cry, we pray, we run We even put up “unarmed hands”When the privileged point at & kill us with guns Hashtag black love exist...
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I am BOLD!!

In Christ, we can come before God with freedom and without fear. We can do this through faith in Christ.Ephesians 3:12 ICB Lord, it is because of your grace, mercy, and love that makes me bold in my walk and spiritual journeys. You make all ways possible even when...
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S3: EP 5- Don’t PRESS on ME!!

NEW EPISODE ALERTS3: EP 5- “Don’t PRESS on me! Welcome to A Fistfull Podcast! I’m your host Chrissie Christ that reveals the most. Tonight we are going to be talking about “don’t press on me”! Meaning don’t add, put, or apply any more pressure on me than God has...
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