S3: EP 4- Press Fwd & Claim your “winterous” past…


🌬S3: EP 4- Press Forward & Claim your winterous past…& (Q & A Friyah night)

🌬What statement are you having trouble with acknowledging when you reflect back over your past or hear someone ask you a question about your past?

  1. Yes, it happened to me.
  2. Yes, I said that.
  3. Yes, I did that.
  4. No, I am not nor never will be perfect.

🌬 Whichever one it is Ms. Chrissie wants you to know that claiming “ALL” of what happened to you makes you the believer you are today.

🌬 She encourages you that the things you went through may have made you cold, still, or feel alone were only blizzardous storms because of the heavy burdens we tried to carry on our own.

🌬 That place you may have been dark with no light or shadow to get through, but when GOD steps in ALL things shifts.

🌬 Just like the physical shiftings of seasons on earth, he will shift your spiritual seasons. Seasons are temporary, so what we go through is temporary.

🌬 He will change your situation like he changes these seasons here on earth.

🌬 I am your host Chrissie Christ here at “A Fistfull” Podcast that reveals the most.


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