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When you are truly anointed with a calling on your life, you go through unreasonable attacks. Somebody else may get in a “little bit” of trouble, but all hell breaks loose with the “anointed”. God will shake you up like no other just to let you know that you are “STILL HIS”.
Is that you? Have you survived silent battles that weren’t your fight, to begin with? As did I. But not only did we survive, we SHIFTED.
In this book, you will read about a US Veteran that was not aware of her blessing for anointing until she was looked with an aggravating aggressive behavior at home marriage and expected to save herself as well as her child. You will shift mindsets as you read about her one of many moves, but “US warrior” to “prayer warrior” was her best move! She was shifted into various headings, yet didn’t know of her survival through everything until she acknowledged her calling and comprehended her moving from torment to supplication that brought her staggering for an understanding of God’s will. While seeking Jesus for his solace, love, and peace she began her shifting of God’s assurances and purpose for her life at a time she could only “clutch” to his promise

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