“Lord I Will “🤞

Lord I Will always worship you!

No matter where I am or whatever is happening at that moment, I will worship you! You truly deserve it all and more🙏 You deserve to be worshipped and praised without feeling guilty from the opinions of others. For you bless me so boldly in front my enemies and doubters that worshiping you boldly is my own honor in thanking you by showing this kind of gratitude in return! I vow to boldly praise you in neither shame or vain🤞.

Lord I Will always place our relationship above any and all decisions as the same for my spouse!

Lord I Will learn to value more. I will learn to always stay positive and remain calm when thrown any human task for my destruction through any storm!

Lord I Will always be inspired by the love you give me to show and give others! I am not perfect, but because of who you are -I Will always worship you! 🤞🤞

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