Jesus, You are my Lord!

When my pity party is over and when I am finally ready for his help. My God will always whisper to me “YOU KNOW BETTER”! Don’t you know? Have you not grasped the hearing of who I am– The Everlasting God? I am the creator of Heaven and Earth. I am not your child or a child, I am not a young boy–I AM YOUR GOD!

Who do you think you are fooling when you are trying to do it on your own and it crumbles? I know your strengths and know your weakness. I know when you’re sad and I know when you’re breathless. “I AM GOD”. He has my full flesh life in his hands. He created me in his own image and gives me life to keep my blood warm enough for daily survival.

He is “GOD”. He measured my life in the sands from his own hands. Why would I serve anyone else? He is good, and good is in me from him. Who else would I allow to control my life? If it is not my GOD, then whom? I love you because you loved me even when I couldn’t find an ounce of good in me to Love myself.

He loves me relentlessly and I thank him daily for the heart and mind to seek him “when I am faced with the unknowns, I look to my God who is known!





*Special photo credit to: ODB.ORG

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