“He Changed me When”…..

Job 33:25

“His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s; he shall return to the days of his youth.”

In the middle of the night and in the midst of my random troubles, I love when he lays these random topics on me! Nights like these are confirmation to the saying “he already knew” is alive and true.

He changed me when I started doing great deeds with my feet.

Like walking right, staying in line, straight enough not to fear defeat. Instead I walked all over it, knowing that he would strengthen my feet.

He changed me when fighting on my knees was my main stance. When mankind tries to yield my blessings. I knew that standing down, knees firm that I will be doing my victory dance.

He changed me when I couldn’t keep myself fed. No matter how hungry I was, his scriptures & promises nourished my appetite and replenished my soul. So it not a doubt that I wouldn’t stand on your word or trust all you’ve said!

He changed me when I noticed the overload from my heart through my ribs with love, kindness, happiness, and more forgiveness as he said in

“Ezekiel 36:26.”

He changed me when I started opening up my heart to love more, understand more, and feel more in my heart from thy mouth so that I could start putting what’s in my heart into actions.

He changed me when the heavy burdens on my shoulders started lifting the dead weights of; what should a been, what could have been, or what would’ve beens off as my fighting prayers got longer, and my stances got firmer. When I walked through without fear and lifted them high enough for my God to hear!

He changed me when I started to care about what came off my tongue, and out of my mouth. If it’s nothing nice, nothing real, or sounds of positivism I knew the price that would be sacrificed and knew the meaning of ” my mouth can block my blessings”.

After a while of not being good, several fails, and living a sinner, “I’ve learned many tainted lessons, many of which I’ve passed with the rewards of current or future blessings.

He changed me when he changed my vision. I slowly began to see the true meanings of things, the good in all, the lessons before the blessings, and my faith by sight got stronger. I had to learn that my faith is unseen AND SO IS THE GOOD IN THE TRIALS AND TESTS THAT COMES MY WAY!

He changed me when I changed my way of thinking. I study his word but give it my best when putting them in actions. It didn’t make a difference until I changed how I was thinking. I had to open my mind to elevate and process the goodness of the LORD so that I may be able to speak it, lift it, feed on it, get in position with it and stand tall but firm on it, so that my actions match the words on my tongue, to the feelings in my heart with the love he has for me on mind at the same time.

When he changed me, he changed my flesh from head to toe, from toe to head

“If I am with you, who shall be against you”-fills my spirit with joy when I cling tight to every word you said.

I am filled with gratitude and love knowing that he changed me during a time I couldn’t speak the word change with so much trouble in my way. He changed when everyone told me there was no change to be made. He changed me when my situation remained the same but strength to believe in him became my weapon of choice!

Change is uncomfortable

Change can be new

But if he can do it for me, I know he got you too!

He changed me when….

I started walking in it, kneeling in it, feeding on it, feeling it, & lifting it!

But I couldn’t do any of it until he started healing it!



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