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Mr. Kelechi Princewell Njoku

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Mark 9:22-23 (KJV)

And ofttimes it hath cast him into the fire, and into the waters, to destroy him: but if thou canst do anything, have compassion on us, and help us. Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

The Aim of this Study:

Whatsoever that is seen is the manifestation of the works of faith.

The Word:

When it is certain that all things obtained or received from God come by simply believing God then our new walks should be on how to believe just this because he is JUST THAT GOD. First of all, what does he really mean by believing him, and does it mean that we don’t believe?

Every honest Christian that wouldn’t want to be wrecked with by these false Prophets should come all out to understand what it takes to believe in God.

The first thing that we need to consider is to acknowledge that there is a God. The Lord said that whosoever comes to him must believe that he is. This is quite an ambiguous statement and may not be easily done as said. Meaning that we must know that the Lord is constantly behind his every word written or said.

In Numbers 23:19, the Bible quoted that God is not a man of lies, neither the son of man and that he should repent; Hath he said he should not do it or had he spoken and shall he not make it good?

Hath he said he should not do it or had he spoken and shall he not make it good?

To make it good is to go ahead and perform his word.

He used the word for the son of man to connote limitations. The son of man may have real willed to accomplish his will but unfortunately his just MAN. Now to repent means to go back on his word because we as man fall short of the accomplishment and last word. Meaning that if he said it, he will do everything to HAVE IT DONE.


He passed a comment that says, “he that believeth shall not make haste. Therefore, don’t be quick to conclude that he is not a God of his word and will not do it.

No matter the specific time we appoint ourselves, does not determines God’s time!

May God give us the Grace to persevere as we wait and learn to believe in him while we stand on his word!

And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.
Luke 5:16 KJV

Are you contemplating on a place to pray? Have you or are you still searching for a place to talk to God?

I used to struggle with the thought of finding the perfect place with less or no disturbances. I thought that if I was somewhere too loud he wouldn’t hear me to speak or if I am too quiet he’d want me to speak up. But as I grew up in my late teens my pastor told me before I left for basic training around the summer of June 2007.

He will always hear a humble heart and his child no matter what or where you are. Take heed to Luke 5:16 and study it. You will begin to understand why. Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray my dear!

From that day forward I started to put my best foot forward in studying his word. No I didn’t understand, so I had to do a little bit more researching and asking others of their opinions that they had grasped from the word. I wanted to know what it meant to them. I wanted understanding on what my pastor was trying to tell me.

But at the end of the day, I came to realize after calling my mom from basic training just to tell her, “I got it”. I had finally understood what he was trying to tell me, but I had to go off on my own to actually understand why. When she asked me “what is it”.

I told her the verse of Luke 5:16, and that all Pastor was trying to tell me was:

“If Jesus often withdrew himself to quiet places to pray, then God is all around us. He can hear our pleas and our praises wherever we happen to be. But even though he hears US any and everywhere he stills wants his time with us to himself. Never stop seeking a solitary place for solitude because he still loves his intimacy with his children.

She was a shocked and told me that she would let the pastor know at the next service. It only took me about 4weeks in between basic training to get it. Lol. Since then I have loved my time alone with him to hear, to speak, to grow in him, and flourish my relationship with him.

I am an emotional worshipper, that withholds nothing from him. I let down my flaws, dislikes, and imperfections at his feet for him to correct on a daily without any regret to be a better me. But I wasn’t always that way, I had to learn, with a heart and mind “willing” to learn and grow.

Since my knowledge and growth of that understanding, I’ve been going off on my own away from my kids, my former spouse, friends, or even family members just to have that quiet time with him. To be heard and to also hear!

You may even see me talking to myself, but I’m really just praying. I have no shame of where I am at or go to get that moment with him. I prefer silence to hear him rather than noise, distraction, or over anyone else. My quiet moments with God helps me regain my sense of peace while seeking his peace. And we all know his is better than ours.

To hear his words of guidance and signs shine through my darkness, he will receive my undivided attention!

Nothing or no one will ever change that!

Where is your most intimate place to pray with God?


Lord, help me to always place our time alone above all else to seek you in quietness and not in the midst of chaotic storms. You deserve my full attention for all that you do, have done, and yet to do or doing in my life. Thank you! In Jesus name, you have my undivided attention, AMEN!

Faithful you are!

Thankful I am!


As a Christian or Jesus follower, looking out for your brother or sister is a must with Jesus as your savior. That’s one thing I truly admired and stood for no matter what while serving in the United States Army alongside my brothers and sisters. The mission always came first and we were to never leave our fallen comrade. Just like a Christian, your mission is to walk in the spirit and not in flesh, with the guidance of the holy ghost.

Two of our most important tasks given with any assignment or calling is to “love” and “forgive”. Trust me you can’t move one AND not the other without being a doer of both to please our Father. It can be hard to do, especially when you just want to forgive and let go-or be done period. But you must keep love in your heart so that when you forgive it will come from a place of humbleness, a place of peace, restoration on your behalf, and growth to act as a doer of his word and not just a child of his word. You will not be able to do one without having one in heart prior to even starting your forgiveness process. I say “process”, because it is just that. Our God is patient. He understands our hurt, our pain, and the damage it may have done to you. But his strength given to you from his spirit through his son is more comforting to equipp you to get through. The love he gives us is more than the love we have to offer after being hurt or scorn by others. But if we gave them “a” love as we forgive then we are doers of his word to show them some kind of compassion to ease your process of forgiving. He does not expect it to be done overnight but have a clean heart from start to finish.

These should be goals to be better and to treat people better. You have to start from somewhere if you are truly committed to taking care of God’s business so that he may take care of yours!

Galatians 6:2 KJV

Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.

I’ve learned along my journey that sometimes you have to carry the load of others by loving them “inspite of” as he loves you! Love them enough to carry their load by being a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. Instead of watching them go through alone after they’ve wronged. The purity of your heart will turn it around for your favor. Simply by being a hand in need AND not the hand to leave!

So let go of what you have no control of ( how they treat you) and be a doer of his word by pleasing him and not your hurtful flesh. Put your flesh behind you and his spirit 1st.


Dear Lord,

I pray that you extend the honor to be a helpful doer of your word so that my sowing seeds of love, kindness, and forgiveness pleases your spirit and not my flesh. I ask that you build my flesh to be as strong to endure my spiritual walk but my spirit to be stronger to go ahead. Help me to be a helpful saint to my brothers and sisters in their time of need no matter what my own situation look like or what I am going through. Help me to put their needs before my own so that I will trust you and remain faithful that you will take care of mines. Teach me to please you in all I do so that my rewards will magnify you for your glory. Lord take their needs and pain away and replace them with peace AND strength to endure what shall come to pass. Lord I ask that you help me to have the will to not turn away or speak the words “I CAN’T” from thy tongue.

In Jesus name, use me in every way you see fit for me to please you, Amen!


Turn your energy towards someone that’s going through right now. Help them in any way but 1st, JUST LISTEN. Hear them, receive them, and let them know that he has not tasked them to be alone. Your “life lessons” grow you through what you go through! He heard you. He hears your cry. Be patient and stand still!