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About the Show:

This podcast is an episodic series of prayers, words of encouragement, & #blackexcellence interviews from the founder @chrissie88 @A Fistfull Blog(spiritual blog). She is a retired US combat army veteran & Christian Author @ Amazon.com who shares her life lessons through testimonies in prayer to help inspire, encourage, and motivate the “silent” to SPEAK UP & stand bold in their purpose. She shares her most intimate moments as a true disciple and daughter of the most high to reach out to others regardless of diversity. Please feel free to Email Me! any thoughts, messages, Q&A, or even a request to be a special guest on show!

About the host:

“Chrissie Christ”

Hello and welcome. I am your host that reveals the most here at “A Fistfull” podcast, spiritual blogger, author of “SHIFTED: From pain to prayers”, content creator, and owner/founder of “A FISTFULL OF PRAYERS, LLC”!

*Born and raised in Greenwood, Ms

*Mother of 2

*Retired Army Veteran

*Prayer Warrior

*Thank you for tuning in with me for your inspirational messages!

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This Year during the pandemic, on 07 Dec 2020, My podcast was “Internationally Charted” at #100 on the 250 Chart in the “Religion & Spirituality” category by “GHANA”!!!


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A Fistfull Podcast resonated 120% around the world in the US 🇺🇸

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