Month: July 2018

You prayed right? You just let go and let God right? You just put everything in his hands right? You believe in him right? He have brought you through before right? He never forsaken you right? When others turned away, he was still there right? Then why are you still worried?

If you answered “yes” to all the above, then you my child know that he is real just as well as he is able. If you are worrying just after you turned it over to him then you have wasted your time. You can’t do both. If you’re going to worry, why pray?

When you place it in his hands, trust him. Believe before you pray, while you pray, and after you pray. It’s like giving someone something that you don’t want back, but in the back if your mind days later you wonder are they going to give it back. No, you gave it to them as in it’s yours now. You can have it. Here take it, no questions asked. So there’s no need to wonder what they are going to do with it or how they will deal with it. Right?

One thing I have learned about handing over my worries to God is that “I don’t care how he handles it, long as it is out of my hands.” Lol. Obviously it was too big and too much for me. So why not pass the test by giving it back to him, with trust that he will take care of it for you? He just want you to trust him instead of man or your own understanding. You will be greatly be rewarded just by trusting him instead of trying to do it on your own. Yes, its hard to not worry about it physically, but it is spiritually needed.

God gives his biggest battles to his strongest children. Meaning, he trust you to know what to do when you are encountered with afflictions. So why not trust him?

Thank him for those afflictions, trials, and struggles along the way. No one that seeks a closer relationship with him will have it easy. Stop complaining, grumbling, and murmuring, God hates its. He do not hear our complaints and worries. He wants you to call on him for help. Give it back to him, with a humbled heart for him to take care of it. The battle is not always yours. Let go, get out his way, and step aside. He got you. But you have to believe and pray more than you worry.


Dear God,

I come to you tonight with a humbled heart and opened mind. I have been worrying about something that only you have control over. I am sorry for standing in your way, instead of staying out of your way. As I kneel before you tonight Lord, I ask that you lift this burden up off me, for it is too much of a load for me to carry alone. I ask that you take it in your hands and have your way with it so that it will bring me closer to your victory in the end. I cannot do it by myself. And I will not do it by myself. I need you oh Lord. I want to pass this test and my future tests. But I need you to stay by my side the whole way through. Walk with, stay with me, and never leave me. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Lord I kneel before you tonight to pour out my heart and confess with my mouth. I have humbled myself, to see that I am incapable to this on my own. I’ve tried it my way, and I am still falling short of your glory. I am trying but I can’t seem to get it right. I don’t have the victory to help me get back up.

The desire is in my heart and on my mind. I am willing to be used. Use me oh Lord. When I am on my feet, I can’t get my flesh to cooperate with your word. I know what you can do. I have seen you bring me through. But I am thinking wrong and doing wrong. Lord, I am turning it over to you. I am calling on you to HELP! I have fallen, and I can’t get up doing it my way. Show me your way. I am pretending to be stronger than I really am. I smile when I need to cry.

But I need my strength renewed. My heart cleansed. My flesh revived.

God give me back the will and heart to fight back, with the mind to seek you and not do it on my own. Use me Lord. Use me to get me back up through your will and your way. In Jesus name, Amen!


Nowadays, the devil see you making positive changes and he will send anyone and everything your way to distract you. He works hard against you, so you have to stay ten toes ahead of him but not sharing your greatness God is dealing you. I think of it as playing spades. Never let the enemy know the cards God has dealt you to do better. God is your partner through it all. Without him your whole life can be reshuffled before your eyes. While the devils sit across from you rejoicing in your failures or lacking of books. I need all my books. I want all 13 of my books with God as my partner the whole way through.

So I am learning to be encouraged when obstacles come my way. My mother always said “if you hate loosing, why give up? You are your only competitor, because the devil has already lost that’s the purpose of hell, for losers. You the only one who can decide what you want to do next. Are you going to play or throw it in. No matter how many times you lose, always be content with what you have in order to receive better. You have to learn to see those obstacles as an indication of a fresh move from God. Now what you are going to do with it?” 

So I am going to be content with this hand and play it out so that my better hand will come. I will not complain and throw it in because I know if hold out a little while longer God is going to give me the victory in EVERY circumstances of my life through the hands he deals me.

Thank you Lord, for humbling me to be content with what whatever hand you deal me. Thank you for giving me the heart not to complain and throw it in, but the strength to keep playing to reach victory. Thank you for the mind to seek you as my partner through it all. Amen!!

I’m learning to be encouraged!