Month: July 2018

Why worry, after you pray?

You prayed right? You just let go and let God right? You just put everything in his hands right? You believe in him right? He have brought you through before right? He never forsaken you right? When others turned away, he was still there right? Then why are you still worried? If you answered “yes” […]

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I’ve Fallen but have The heart to get up!

Lord I kneel before you tonight to pour out my heart and confess with my mouth. I have humbled myself, to see that I am incapable to this on my own. I’ve tried it my way, and I am still falling short of your glory. I am trying but I can’t seem to get it […]

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I’m Learning

  Nowadays, the devil see you making positive changes and he will send anyone and everything your way to distract you. He works hard against you, so you have to stay ten toes ahead of him but not sharing your greatness God is dealing you. I think of it as playing spades. Never let the […]

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